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I enjoy helping managers as their organisations evolve and expand. Improving your communication across different cultures, languages and mindsets brings more confidence, revenue and smiles.

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Le approfondite conoscenze sul mondo imprenditoriale, a livello globale, e le innovative tecniche di marketing che Tim ha condiviso nella collaborazione con la nostra torrefazione ci hanno permesso di ottenere risultati vincenti in diversi Paesi e raggiungere una internazionalizzazione della nostra impresa altrimenti impossibile.

Grazie Tim per la preziosa collaborazione. 

Fluent in four European languages and extensive experience of dealing with clients in across Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East and America. In the last 2 years I visited almost all EU Member States on a project for the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. This involved dealing with public administration, private business and NGOs, each of which have different objectives and motivations.

With an MBA in Strategy and Marketing, together with extensive knowledge of finance, technology and multiple cultures I can help senior managers with individual issues. Having raised triplets, I also understand complex negotiations!


Tim’s contribution to improving the transnational profile of t33 has been decisive over the last seven years, and is still a key for our future business.